Thursday, June 27, 2013

never photograph close, cozy moments; wife can file case!! wife claims Man threatens to wife's nude pictures public


**Important Notes**


I do NOT know IF this man ever took any nude pictures

All I know is that the wife is alleging that he has those pictures and is threatening to make them public

Nevertheless on the woman's complaint , five people in the hubby's family are in trouble and police has filed cases against them

men beware !! is all I can say

**news item below**


Wife claims that Man threatens to make wife's nude pictures public over dowry


TNN Jun 22, 2013, 04.18AM IST

MADURAI: A woman has filed a case before the judicial magistrate in Nagercoil alleging that her husband a native of Madurai was threatening to make some nude photographs of her public, if she did not bring more dowry.

Bethania, 26, daughter of Alosius of Manakudi in Kanyakumari district was married to Antony Elwin, 33 of Parasurampatti in Madurai district on May 18, 2012. In her petition, she has stated that she took Rs 5 lakh and 60 sovereigns of jewellery as dowry at the time of her marriage. Her husband owned an electrical shop near his house. They had been happy for sometime before her husband and in-laws had started pestering her for more dowry. She also claimed that he had forcibly taken her nude photographs.

Then he started demanding that she bring 20 more sovereigns of jewellery or Rs 4 lakh if she wanted to continue to live there. She had left to her parents home, unable to bear the torture, but now the man was threatening to make public, the photographs he had taken of her if she did not comply with the demand. She prayed that the court restrain Elwin from doing any such thing.

The judicial magistrate III in Nagercoil, before whom the petition came up for hearing directed the Kanyakumari all women police station to take action. Inspector Angayarkanni has registered a case under various sections against five persons including the woman's husband and is investigating.