Thursday, May 22, 2014

how a man and his mother can be locked up , JUST ,... JUST on the word of his WIFE !!!! மனைவி சொன்னாள் ...கணவன் , மாமியார் கைது !!!!

husband and mother in law arrested ON WIFE'S COMPLAINT !!!
One Sudha aged approx 30 was married to Jeyachandran aged 30. They were residents of Irumbupalam near Panthalur. The husband's mother Sellamani aged 60 lived with them.

It is alleged that Husband Jayachandran was addicted to alocohol and used to return home drunk. While drunk he used to ONLY listen to his mother (now don't ask me why or how he listens ONLY to one woman and not the other !!!!)

Being inebriated, he used to thrash his wife. On 21st may it is alleged that the husband and mother in law beat up the wife. Wife claimed that she was injured and  got herself admitted to  hospital. As usual husband and mother in law were arrested !

full news from Dinakaran website enclosed


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