Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woman with 2 kids takes paramour & leaves hubby. Latr tries 2 reunite with legal hubby but Loverboy kills her !!

Woman with 2 kids takes paramour & leaves hubby. When she tries reunite with legal hubby, loverboy kills her !!

Prema (35), mother of two beautiful kids was married to Kumar. They were originally from Mela Pavazangkurichi, in villupuram Districty, Tamil Nadu. They moved to Chennai. Though poor, had a great family life at Chennai. Slowly Prema developed illicit relationship with on Devakumar aged 58 years !! This lead to fights with the original / legal husband and Prema left her husband and went away to her hometown along with her children. Even after she left Chennai, her loverboy Devakumar used to go to her village and kept spending time with her !! Somehow Prema started disliking her loverboy and once told him that she was going to get back to her legally wedded husband. This angered Devakumar who killed her. This news has caused ripples in that area !!
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