Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Husband murders wife's paramour after repeated warning and no change in activities

Joythiramalingam a Ganja seller had been caught many times by the police and had enjoyed police hospitality and jail terms. His wife parimala aged approx 40 lived with him at Chngalpattu; they have two beautiful children. They lived in Chengalpattu town area.

32 year old Rameshkumar of Chengalpattu was operating a mutton stall nearby. Parimala who used to visit that mutton stall often, developed illicit love with Ramesh kumar who was much younger than her

Jyothiramalingam came to know of his wife's activities and warned her. She did not stop. So Jyothiramalingam planned to kill the loverboy / illicit lover. He took Rameshkumar one day to a liquour shop and made him consume lot of liquour. Then when Rameshkumar fell asleep, Jyothiramalingam cut him with a knife and murdered Rameshkumar. He then escaped from the spot.

Police have finally arrested Jyothiramalingamand are in the lookout for Parimala

Source : Malalimalar
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