Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two incl. elderly mother arrested on dowry complaint, Alangulam, TN. 22-3-2014

Mother in law and brother in law of a woman have been arrested on dowry torture complaint.

David Rajkumar of Sivanatanur, North Main road is married to Jaya on August 20 2010. It is alleged that 60 thousands cash, 12 sovereigns of gold, and 30 thousands worth gifts were given. It seems that the couple did not get on well and there were some mutual misunderstandings.

It is alleged that David threatened her to bring additional 50000 as dowry

On Jaya's complaint to Alangulam, AWPS, the police have registered a complaint and arrested mother in law Mariyaselvam and brother in law prabhakaran
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