Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bangalore Teen files false rape case to avoid answering hostel authorities !! 3 Mens' life messed up

Teen feared the wrath of hostel authorities

19-yr-old's gang-rape tale puts three friends in a big spot of bother

The girl's call records gave her game away. Police sources vouch for the innocence of the trio and blame the 'victim' for putting them through this ordeal

Posted On Saturday, June 01, 2013 at 11:16:57 AM

On Sunday, April 21, Sapna George (name changed), a 19-year-old student of St John's College of Nursing on Sarjapur Road, landed up at her hostel at 7.15 pm, way beyond the curfew time. She was tipsy and had a gash on her forehead. Her demeanour worried hostel authorities, including the warden, and fellow mates.
She seemed to have gone through a harrowing day. After little persuasion, she told her story: She was at St Philomena's bus stop at 8.50 am when three people in a white Scorpio asked her for direction to 'some place', and while she was helping them out she was dragged into the SUV. Fnext several hours on that day, she was assaulted, made to drink alcohol and sexually abused, Sapna told her listeners.
It was at 6.45 pm, she said, that she was dropped in front of St John's Medical College and Hospital, and from where she trudged to the hostel, a stone's throw away.
The warden and the others immediately informed Ashoknagar police and an FIR was registered. The police — spurred by the Delhi gang-rape, the public outrage after that, and the subsequent Supreme Court zero-tolerance approach — swung into action.
Tracing Sapna's cellphone calls they tracked down three men, all 25 years of age and known to the victim. They were put behind bars on April 25.
Now, police say Sapna's story has been fabricated. As a result, three of her friends are languishing in jail, and can be released only through the court as FIR has been registered. Bangalore Mirror is not naming the three youths, as the police sources vouch for their innocence and blame the girl for putting them through this ordeal.
"As of now I can say that when we started investigating the case
, we found that the three accused and the victim were known to each other. I cannot give you any other details about this as the matter is being further investigated and we will file all the findings in court," deputy commissioner of police (Central) Ravikanthe Gowda told BM.
Ashoknagar police are waiting for the forensic report of the tests conducted on the girl before they file the charge sheet that will include all the findings, including the call records, a police source said.