Thursday, June 6, 2013

Do police have time for missing children? Are they busy with FALSE 498a, DV FIRs ? Our prayers for missing children .. Gory details of how a kid was kidnapped for Ransom and then killed - very unfortunate kid and family SKN 22 05 2013 CRLA 1162 2012 , Jabir Ali, Arvind Kumar, Abdul Mannan Vs State


  • An effective police force , un corrupt and vigilant is needed to protect the innocent from the greedy, rowdy and criminal elements of society
  • However, do our police have the time to do that ?
  • Or are they busy arresting husbands ?
  • A brief reading of cases like this one shows the pathetic case of parents who have lost innocent children , as the kid was kidnapped for Ransom and the police seem to be rather slow in their follow up
  • In this case the kid is killed finally and NEVER re united to the hapless parents !!
  • Prayers to all missing children !!!
  • Prayers to families and this country

link to judgement