Thursday, June 6, 2013

How will we clear d 2 crore case backlog IF 1 can rob 195 rupees, get sentenced & keep going on appeal till HIGH court for 13 years !!.. the courts will spend time !! PKB 29 04 2013 CRL A 699 2000

  • A thief enters a Juggi, threatens inhabitants, decamps with cash
  • Yes, he robs Rs 195
  • ...and .... runs out
  • the innocent people at the house / spot raise an alarm
  • the thief is caught ...police take custody ...
  • All this happens in year 2000
  • lower courts sentanse him
  • but the strange thing is he goes on appeal and appeal and 13 years later...YES 13 years later he lands at Delhi HC , who partially acquits him (of one of the offenses )
  • It gives me a warm feeling that however small a person may be, however petty a theft may be, there IS readdress 
  • But IF criminal cases can be sent to HC without any limits, how will we clear the humungous backlog that is piling up ??
  • are the honourable HC judges to sit on judgement in every case of petty theft ?
  • and what about lower courts ?
  • what else is necessary to speed up the system ??