Monday, June 3, 2013

women are ALWAYS good, virtuous and innocent : Demon-mom burns her infant son alive

Demon-mom burns her infant son alive

Thursday, May 9, 2013, 12:41 IST | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: DNA

Jamnagar residents shocked at cold-blooded murder of a 2-year-old by his own mother.

The killer mom after her arrest on Wednesday.
The killer mom after her arrest on Wednesday.

'Any woman can be a Mother but it takes someone special to be called Mom' — reads one of the million messages that children have put up for Mother's day, which falls on May12. However, four days before we celebrate our umbilical ties with our mothers, a gory incident that took place in Jamnagar on Wednesday will make you believe in the above statement, even more. In a shocking incident a woman killed her two-year-old biological son by setting him ablaze, alive. Police have arrested the woman.

On Wednesday morning, Kishore Vadgama, a carpenter by profession left home for work, leaving behind his wife Vandana and 2-year-old son Ronak at home. When he returned home for lunch at around 2.45 pm he found his son's charred remains. Vadgama couldn't take in the shock and fell unconscious.

"Vadgama and one of his neighbours informed us about the incident and we rushed to the spot. The boy was already dead and the incident may have happened between 9.45 am and 2.45 pm during the day. Initial inquiry established that the mother had killed her son so we have detained her," said police inspector of B division, Samir Joshi.

During investigation it was established that tired of harassment and their not so happy marital life, Vandana killed Ronak.

"After her husband left for work, Vandana bought kerosene from the market and sprayed it on her sleeping son. Then she set him ablaze and waited till he died," Joshi added.

Meanwhile, the desperate husband seems to be trying to save his wife and gave a statement to the police saying that his wife's mental condition is not stable. However, police are not buying his theory. "I have talked to the woman and she seems completely fit. I do not think that she has any mental problem," Joshi claimed.

However, neighbours have come up with another theory that tired of the constant harassment and family feud, Vandana too may have wanted to end her life with her son. But police is not buying that argument either. "There are no injuries or any sign of kerosene on her body. I do not think she wanted to commit suicide. We strongly believe that she killed Ronak to take revenge and teach her husband a lesson," the police official said.  After preliminary inquiry police have registered a case of murder under section 302 of IPC against Vandana and have arrested her.