Friday, June 7, 2013

Chastity thru plastic surgery: "..routinely consulted by girls, coming with boyfriends, to get hymen reconstructed before wedding!.."; பத்தினி பெண்போல இருக்கணுமா ? plastic surgeon இடம் செல்லவும் !!

Like a virgin, touched for very second time

, TNN | Jun 6, 2013, 01.18 AM IST

AHMEDABAD: A plastic surgeon was in for a surprise recently a boy and his girlfriend came to consult him for hymenoplasty, a procedure in which the hymen is reconstructed in women.

The boyfriend told the doctor that they were in love and had engaged in premarital sex for over a year. However, since the two belonged to different cultures, their parents were not in favour of their marriage and hence they had no choice but to part ways and get married to different people.

"The boy wanted me to restore the hymen so that the husband believes that the girl is a virgin on the wedding night," said Dr Hemant Saraiya, a plastic surgeon. "He said that he supported her as he did not want her to be in trouble for the hymen not breaking. This was the first case of a boyfriend accompanying his girlfriend for hymen reconstruction which indicated that the society is changing."

Saraiya said that he is routinely consulted by girls, coming along with their friends, to get hymen reconstructed before their wedding.

"Premarital sex is very common these days and while there are men who do not insist on their wives being virgins, there are many belonging to conservative families who insist on this 'virtue'," he said.

"Many girls who have had physical relations with various boyfriends get hymen reconstructed before marriage. While most girls come with their friends, one girl was accompanied by her mother."

In hymenoplasty, a mesh of tissues taken from inside the vagina walls is constructed into a hymen which, like the original structure, can break.

Dr Aashit Shah, another plastic surgeon, said that hymenoplasty was becoming a popular method to restore virginity in girls who have had premarital sex and were getting married to men other than their lovers.