Friday, June 7, 2013

IF I too want to go leaving my wife WILL court leave me from marriage?? lover girl ditches boy and COURT supports it !! this is after their love story created caste tensions, lead to violence, they were given police protection etc etc ... men lost lives for them and now the young girl cooly say "I want to go with mom.." ..FINE then use the same rule for ALL MEN who want to go with their dads , leave them free without questions

  • This is a real story unfolding before our eyes
  • Love marriage ;
  • OBC girl married dalit boy in Tamil Nadu ;
  • They apprehended threats to life and safety ;
  • Police protection was given ;
  • Girl's father committed suicide;
  • ALL THIS Lead to caste disputes 9 months ago in TN ;
  • Later (after marriage, living with boy, after some months of huge hungama) Girl was taken back / returned back to parental home ;
  • Girl's mother filed a kidnapping case !!;
  • What did court do ?? Court called the girl "asked" her, "where do you want to live.." ;
  • Girl now said she "....wishes to go with MOTHER !!!..", and she is let off by the court !!
  • my question : I too want to go with my father, leaving my wife !! will they leave me from my marriage ???
  • why is the girl going away now after riots and all nonsense ??
  • IF this female will just run away, why give protection to all the "run away" brides ??

News from Times News below

For mom, Vanniyar woman 'sacrifices' marriage to dalit

Karthick S TNN

Chennai: Divya Nagarajan could barely stand in the Madras high court on Thursday. The pressures of a seven-month ordeal that included a daring elopement, an inter-caste marriage and caste violence with strong political overtones in Dharmapuri district sat heavily on her young shoulders.

    When 22-year-old Divya, who belongs to the vanniyar community, married a dalit youth, all hell broke loose. Her father Nagarajan committed suicide, prompting community members to go on the rampage in the dalit settlement in Natham colony in Dharmapuri district
in November last year.

    "My husband and I are under huge pressure. I have decided to sacrifice my love, my marriage for the sake of a society that is caste-obsessed, and for the sake of my mother," Divya told TOI.

    Divya said she was under tremendous pressure to leave her husband, and that she was in a disturbed state of mind. Her mother and other relatives accompanied the young woman, who appeared too weak to even stand on her own.

    There was high drama in the high court when, in an unexpected turn of events, Divya, who stubbornly refused to leave her dalit husband all through the turmoil that rocked Dharmapuri district, appeared on Thursday in response to a habeas corpus plea filed by her mother Thenmozhi last year.

N Divya (centre) leaving the Madras HC on Thursday

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