Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy tutorial : How to defame ur brother in law & Sister's In Laws!! don't worry defamation because MEN don't file defamation such cases

Once upon a time FALSE dowry accusations were a social problem. The boy was defamed, the boy's mum, dad, sister got defamed, many were arrested, some were handcuffed in front of their friends and relatives, and MANY MANY MEN committed suicide

As many as 65000 men, twice the number of women, commit suicide every year

Male suicides due to false cases, threat of arrest, un due social pressures and so on has been on the increase

Now the social problem is becoming a social media problem !!

Yes, social media is being used to defame men

Now..Now you may ask , what about defamation cases ??

Areey, ... when murder cases take 15 years winding up in courts, where is defamation ????

don't worry ..... continue on ......

because, AFTER you defame them on social media, some other print or E media will also pick up the story and re hash is and defame the MAN even more 


Namrata lived a life of misery, FBs her brother 

Posted by: Pallavi Sengupta Updated: Sunday, August 25, 2013, 11:30 

Kolkata, Aug 25: Its been long since social media has become a weapon in the hands of common man. What started as a mere forum to meet estranged friends or even build new ones, has now turned into a platform that voices common man's woes too. 

No, we are not talking about campaigns against increasing rape cases or for that matter 'Vote India'. What we are talking about are instances that have long been the concern of the Indians and has almost become a part and parcel of our lives-Dowry Deaths. A Facebook post by one Piyush Niyogi expresses his suspicion over his newly-wed sister's death. Painstakingly written, the English is rather colloquial, evident of the fact that the family is not that well-established. 

It goes this way: "hello..... I M piyush niyogi m brother -in-law of Sanat Sanyal.. recently he married to my sister on 19/feb 2 days ago he brutally killed my innocent sister..first he killed her then burned her body..,.. just after marriage these people this man his sister nd his mother start torturing my innocent sister..after marriage when she was pregnant these cruel people forcefully give her abortion pills and killed her 1 month baby in womb........ she cant share her condition becoz they never allowed her phone to communicate with us...after all these painful incidents finally they killed my sister nd not informed us.. the accused (@sanat sanyal) have sitll not confessed to the crime they still mantain that she died due to blast of stove during cooking,,then why they did't informed us about her death????? THIS INCIDENT HAPPENS WITH MY SISTER BUT IT CAN BE HAPPEND WITH ANYONES SISTER'S SO PLZZZZ HELP US & SUPPORT US FOR JUSTICE.. NOW I JUST REQUEST TO ALL SANAT'S FRIENDS TO KNOW HOW CUREL HE IS... plzz share and help us. plzz plzz plzzz" 

The post has 3,590 'Likes' and 15, 472 'Shares', evident of its increasing media presence. The comments that follow, equally show the angst and the anger boiling among the people. The Times of India report dated August 18 reports that Bhelapur police have arrested four people including a woman, for their alleged involvement in the murder of one Namrata Sanyal for dowry. 

The question, however, is when will such social evils get erased from the face of India, if at all? Look at the picture and ask yourself, do women deserve this? Look at the picture, and ask yourself whether this is what we had expected India to be after independence, where one section has the right to do whatever it likes while women still live the life of a slave? 

These questions have been asked many a times in the past and they have been answered too; but do they still justify the reasons behind such atrocities against when? Absolutely Not! Mere judicial cases would go on in the civil court for ages and that's how the system has been working till now and would continue to do so in the future too. What is not in our hands, cannot be changed; but, we surely can work toward the way we have been looking at women, its we who can bring a change by changing out thought processes. All it requires is a heart to see and a mind to think. Let's give Namrata some peace of soul and most of all JUSTICE!


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