Sunday, August 25, 2013

Veteran photojournalist commits suicide ; NO CANDLELIGHT vigils, NO arrest !! ; wife sleeping peacefully !!

When ever a woman commits suicide, her husband,. her in - laws, her father , her lover, some one is arrested ...... However in this land of euqality, NO one is arrested when a man commits's just blamed as depression !!!


Veteran photojournalist commits suicide at Shivaji Park home

Mumbai Mirror | Aug 25, 2013, 11.54 AM IST

Gajanan Ghurye, a veteran photo journalist who covered the political beat in the state, allegedly committed suicide at his Dadar home on Saturday.

Ghurye, 58, was found dead at his residence in Shiv Sharan building near Sena Bhavan. He had been battling depression for the past several months, which may have driven him to take his life, said police.

At around 7.15 am, Shivaji Park police received a call that Ghurye had hanged himself from the ceiling fan in his bedroom. He is survived by his wife and a daughter. Both were sleeping in another room at the time of the incident. They found Ghurye's body when they went to his room to wake him up.

His family told the police that Ghurye had attempted suicide once before, but his wife had managed to stop him. Police did not find any suicide note and have registered a case of accidental death.

With an experience of over 35 years in journalism, Ghurye had shot rare pictures of several of India's senior political leaders. A pass-out of Wilson College, he also mentored several leading journalists and photographers. He worked as a freelance photographer and his pictures were used by almost leading regional and national dailies and television channels.

Several senior politicians sought the veteran to travel with them during their political campaigns.

Ghurye had launched his own website named, which covered political events in the state. His brother, Mahesh Ghurye, is the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Zone -8 of Mumbai commissionerate.


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