Sunday, August 25, 2013

Enact more laws, make it easier to file cases, increase rewards for rape cases & life will be hunky dory !!

who said Justice delayed is Justice denied ???

Earlier we had blogged here as to how the backlog of cases is mounting in various courts across the country

There are 43 Lakh cases pending just in High courts and Supreme courts. Probably that number is in crores IF you add the magistrate, sessions, family and other courts across the country 

Already the system is overloaded with cases

Absence of Judges, vacancies of Judges, vacation plans of courts set up during the British Raj (almost 100+ days vacation per year) when British took a leisurely view at administering justice etc have also contributed to the build up 

Now, the tendency to reward rape and other victims, the tendency NOT to punish false cases and an active machinery accepting false cases (at police stations and lower courts) is making delayed justice the NORM 

who said Justice delayed is Justice denied ???
News from Times of India given below 

275 judges' posts vacant in 24 high courts

TNN | Aug 24, 2013, 03.21 AM IST

NEW DELHI: There is no let up in incidents of heinous crimes like rape across the country. And to add to the victim's woes, the pendency of such cases in courts are mounting at an alarming rate with the government pleading helplessness due to massive vacancies in most of these courts, including High Courts. 

There are 275 judges' posts vacant in 24 HCs, and Bombay HC ranks at number five with 16 vacancies. Bombay HC is also among the top seven that have highest number of rape cases pending at 1,009. Even in trial courts, Maharashtra has one of the largest vacancies of judges. At least, 185 judges' slots are vacant in the state. 

Allahabad HC tops the list on two counts: the highest number of rape cases pending at 8,200 and maximum number of judges' vacancy at 68. MP HC has 3,800 pending rape cases and 10 judges' positions are vacant;Punjab & Haryana HC (2,700 pending rape cases and 21 judges' vacancies), and Chhattisgarh HC (1,500 cases pending along with eight vacant slots for judges). 

"There are three vacancies in the Supreme Court and 275 vacancies in the HCs as on August 1, 2013," law minister Kapil Sibal said on Friday in response to a question in the Rajya Sabha. He said vacancies of judges are one of the several reasons for growing pendency of cases in courts. 

Vacancies in subordinate judiciary are alarming too with more than 3,700 slots for judges yet to be filled in states. This also has impacted the pendency of cases which stood at 2.68 crore as of March, 2012. 

Allahabad HC tops the list for maximum pendency of cases at more than 10 lakh. Bombay HC comes third (3.60 lakh pendency) after Madras HC (4.80 lakh pendency). In 24 HCs, there are over 43 lakh cases pending. 


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