Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Father of four children, kills wife as she eloped with lover boy & demanded divorce from legal hubby to re marry. We hope VERY STRICT LAWS + punishment will be put in place to stop such murders !!!

The Gruesome tale of how a father of four children after 12 years of marriage, strangulated & killed his wife has come to light on police investigation. 
It is alleged that the wife demanded divorce to marry her paramour / new man !! 
The legal Husband asked her to stay back with the kids and family, which she refused 

Man strangulates wife for demanding divorce

Santosh Sonawane, TNN | Aug 28, 2013, 07.27 AM IST

NASHIK: The Satpur police arrested Virendra Giri (34) on charges of strangulating his wife to death on Saturday night in between Mahirwani and Gangapur, near Satpur. Giri was arrested by the Satpur police on Tuesday afternoon, after he confessed to the crime. 
The body of Giri's 28-year-old wife Lalita Virendra Giri of Shramik Nagar, Satpur, was found on the Mahirawani-Gangapur Road on Sunday evening. Subsequently, the Satpur police sent the body for post-mortem, while her pictures were circulated in the police chowkis of Satpur for identification. The post-mortem report revealed that the woman was strangled.

Giri identified his wife when policemen of the Shramik Nagar chowki showed the photograph around in the area under their jusrisdiction. He told the cops that his wife had left him about two months back and was living with a person named Vikram Singh in Ambad. Singh (32), an industrial worker from Ambad, was picked up for interrogation on Sunday evening. During the course of interrogation, Singh told that the police that Lalita Giri had visited her husband at the couple's Shramik Nagar residence in Satpur on Saturday evening. Giri was called for interrogation on Monday. He confessed to killing his wife on Tuesday and was subsequently arrested.

"Virendra Giri, a native of Uttar Pradesh, told the police that she had an illicit relationship with Singh and wanted to marry him. Thus, she was pressing for divorce over the past few months," A T Powar, senior police inspector of the Satpur police station, told TOI.

The couple had been married for 12 years and have four children, including three daughters. Powar said that Virendra Giri was a driver working on a contract basis and would often be out of town. Lalita Giri was acquainted with Vikram Singh when they resided in Shivaji Nagar of Satpur. The Giri couple moved to Shramik Nagar a couple of years back.

Powar said Giri claimed that Lalita had come to demand divorce on Saturday evening. However, Giri had urged her to stay with her family. When she did not listen to her husband and left home on Saturday evening, Giri followed her and strangled her to death.


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