Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hubby facing matri problems stabs, kills wife's polio-stricken aunt. Aunt had asked wife to ditch him !

Man stabs wife's polio-stricken aunt

TNN | Aug 27, 2013, 03.31 AM IST

LUCKNOW: A 40-year-old woman was murdered by her niece's husband at her residence located in Husadia area of Gomtinagar on early Monday. The assailant stabbed the victim's neck with a knife and escaped from the house. 

Neelam Sharma used to work as an agent with a multi-level marketing company selling nutrition and weight management products. Neelam, unmarried, was polio-stricken and physically challenged. 

A native of Khutar area in Shahjahanpur, Anoop covered the deceased's face with a pillow in a bid to gag her. He then dealt a severe blow on her neck and the entire blade of the knife was found pressed into the deceased's neck. Police said Anoop eliminated Neelam as she used to goad his wife to dump him. Anoop fought with his wife Seema and subjected her to domestic violence frequently, said report. Seema was close to Neelam and shared her ordeal with her. In the past she had left Anoop and stayed with Neelam for a while. Anoop is in his mid 30s. 

It was clear that Anoop had planned the visit with an intention to eliminate Neelam on Monday. UB Singh, in charge of Gomtinagar police station, said on Saturday the couple had a fight again and Neelam asked Seema to divorce her husband and settle in Lucknow. "Anoop always saw Neelam as responsible for his marital problems and on Saturday planned to take revenge," added Singh. Anoop, a security guard of a mobile tower, stayed with Seema and their six-year-old son Pranshu at Pali, a town in Hardoi district. He left home late Saturday said police and around 5.40am on Monday reached Neelam's residence in Husadia village in Vineet Khand area. Neelam used to stay on the first floor with her 80-year-old mother Brijrani and 11-year-old niece Divya. The ground floor had been rented out to a family. 

Since Anoop reached unannounced the family was taken aback. Divya answered the door and went inside the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. In the meantime, Anoop entered Neelam's room and gagged her with a pillow before attacking her. By the time Divya got wind of the act Anoop had left the premises. Police were trying to trace him. Brijrani had three daughters besides Neelam who was the youngest.


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