Friday, August 30, 2013

IS INDIA planning arrest of UAE national for divorcing Indian wife? Even foreigners marrying Indians NOT be spared

The boy's mother has stated that the girl had another "friend" with whom she was in close contact AFTER marriage as well 


Thankfully it is expected that Extradition of UAE national will not be easy !!!!

The extradition of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) national accused of marrying a minor Muslim girl residing in an orphanage in the city and later divorcing her is easier said than done.

The Police Department is working out modalities for extraditing Jasem Mohammed Abdul Karim Abdulahmed, 28, named first accused in the case.

"India has an extradition treaty with the UAE. But that does not mean the Gulf nation will allow its citizen to be arrested in India," an officer said.

The accused was born to a Malayali-UAE couple and he later adopted the domicile of his father. He had also resided in India for six years. "How the UAE views the case is also important as it is also a religious matter," he said.

Normally, for extraditing a foreigner, the Inspector-General of Police, Crime Branch-Crime Investigation Department, who acts as the Interpol Liaison Officer in the State, will have to communicate to the Central Bureau of Investigation, which informs Interpol.

If Interpol issues a red corner notice, then Jasem will not be able to fly out of the UAE as the notice will be issued at all international airports and seaports and he can be arrested and deported to India.

K.R. Premachandran, Assistant Commissioner of Police (South), Kozhikode city, said preliminary investigations revealed that Jasem had divorced the girl in the guise of proceeding for higher studies in the United States. Jasem had left the country on July 1, a fortnight after his marriage with the 17-year-old-girl. His father might have not approved of the marriage and this could have led to the divorce, he said.

The police had arrested three persons Sulaika, 42, mother of Jasem, her second husband, C. Muneer, 38, and Abu Shahabas, 27, in connection with the case.

Authorities of the Kuttichira-based orphanage, who were alleged to have conducted the marriage, have been named accused in the first information report.

Town Circle Inspector T.K. Ashraf, who is heading the probe, on Thursday collected evidence from the orphanage and is investigating its role in facilitating the marriage.

Investigators say the final arbitrator in the case will be the court. At the same time, a petition is pending with the Supreme Court on the establishment of Darul Qaza (Sharia court) by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board for settling issues concerning the Muslim community on personal property, marriage, and dissolution of marriage through talaq.


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