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women are innocent ! : wife plots +murders husband's lover, semi nude dead body thrown in canal... will killer gang get max sentence ?

women are innocent ! they do NO harm.... poor women need max liberty, max laws and max protection : News : wife plots +murders husband's lover, semi nude dead body thrown in canal... will killer gang get max sentence ?


Before you read the story below, read the following aloud and IF possible tatoo them to your thoughts !! ... I said thoughts 
  • women do NO harm
  • All violent crime is done by men
  • Men who kill women should be first castrated and then killed 


Wife plotted murder of husband's lover

Soumittra S Bose, TNN | Aug 30, 2013, 01.59 AM IST

NAGPURUmred police and local crime branch (LCB) jointly cracked the case of murder of a 32-year-old beauty parlour owner whose body was found in semi-nude condition at a canal nearHewtiUdasa, around 40km away from city, on August 18. Four persons were arrested by Umred police on Wednesday.

Police said Neetu Kuthare's murder likely took place over an illicit relationship with prime accused Aarti Kamble's husband Sunil. It is learnt that Aarti, now arrested, was the mastermind. Apart from Aarti, domestic maid Rooplata and her husband Narayan Savsagde too have been arrested. Police have also arrested Aarti's husband's employee Milind Pimpalkar.

Initially, the cops were baffled when forensic experts claimed Neetu's death had taken place due to drowning. Investigating team was further puzzled as Neetu was found to have defecated in her underwear that suggested violent asphyxia. It was learnt Neetu was separated from her husband in 2003. She had started a beauty parlour and business of bridal make-up at her place.

Cops first registered it as an accidental death. Rural police squads, that had started a probe under supervision of superintendent Manoj Sharma and additional SP Prakash Jadhav, searched Neetu's place and salon for clues. Cops came across a photograph of Aarti's husband Sunil who runs a cable business. The police also came across Sunil's phone number.

Sunil, who is yet to be arrested, had argued with the cops that he was at a liquor bar on Hudkeshwar Road along with his friends and employees when the alleged murder took place. After scanning the closed circuit television (CCTV) footages, cops quizzed some of Sunil's friends who were present with him. One of Sunil's employees Milind was later rounded up. Milind, who was the first to spill the beans, is learnt to have been instrumental in strangulating Neetu in the car. It is learnt Milind participated in the conspiracy as he wanted to save the marriage of Sunil and Aarti for whom he had deep regard.

During parallel probes by LCB squad under PI Rajan Pali and police sub-inspector (PSI) Arvind Saraf and Umred police station teams, it came to fore that Sunil and deceased Neetu shared an illicit relationship for last one year. Sunil had taken Neetu at different resorts in rural areas.

Sunil's wife Aarti came across her husband's illicit affair after she picked up a call from Neetu at midnight and the deceased started speaking amorously without realizing Aarti had picked up the phone. There used to be regular bickering at house following the incident.

Police said though Aarti plotted the murder, Sunil too was involved in executing it. Aarti, along with maid Roopkala, posed as a client and called Neetu to come for a bridal make-up. Neetu accepted the assignment as she had never met her paramour's wife. Neetu was taken in a car driven by Narayan. Aarti revealed her identity in the car confronting Neetu who clearly stated her intention to marry Sunil. This angered Milind who strangled Neetu and threw her body, without clothes, into a canal.

The case would be now transferred to Hudkeshwar police station under whose jurisdiction the crime actually took place.


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