Wednesday, August 14, 2013

20 yr old girl runs away with mum's 20 KG gold & pakistani loverboy !! luckily NO husband to arrest !!

Generally Indian husbands are arrested, their mother's arrested IF any young girl goes missing

in this romeo Juliet story, luckily there was NO husband and the girl was running away with her pakistani loverboy !!!

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'Romeo and Juliet' bid to elope with Dh3m gold fails

Afkar Abdullah / 13 August 2013

It's almost Romeo and Juliet — star-crossed Sharjah lovers whose bold plan to elope ended in failure.

An Indian women in her twenties was arrested at an airport while trying to escape the country, after stealing Dh3 million worth of gold from her mother — and giving it to her Pakistani lover, who was to figure out a plan to smuggle the gold out, meet up with his girlfriend and get married.

However, police acted swiftly after the confused mother approached them claiming a stranger had kidnapped her daughter while she waited in a taxi that dropped her outside the Customs building located at the Sharjah Airport Free Zone.

"I left my daughter in the cab waiting for me while heading to the Customs building to finalise all documents for the gold that I wanted to transport to India while travelling," the mother said.

She said she was shocked when she discovered her daughter, the cab and the gold all gone — along with her daughter's mobile phone switched off, which led to the confusion.

"As soon as the mother reported the matter, a team from the CID immediately launched a probe and information received by the police was totally different from the mother's kidnap and robbery report as the daughter was arrested at one of the UAE airport's departure exits a few hours later," a CID officer said.

During interrogation, the daughter confessed that she, along with her Pakistani lover, had made a plan to steal her mother's jewellery.

"Her boyfriend finalised all her travelling documents and dropped her to the airport to catch her flight and was planning to travel after her, once he found a way of smuggling the jewellery belonging to her mum, while promising to marry her after selling her mother's jewellery."

The officer said after attaining information from the girl about the whereabouts of her boyfriend, he was arrested. He confessed to robbing and keeping the gold with him.

The two suspects are currently detained and will be referred to the Public Prosecution.

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