Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cen. Admin Tribunal faces HC ire while deciding on YET ANOTHER FALSE RAPE case !!!!

CAT calls rape a non-serious offence, draws HC ire

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013, 9:39 IST | Place: Delhi | Agency: DNA
DNA Correspondent  

The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has invited the Delhi High Court ire after it called rape a non-serious offence in one of its rulings. Indicting the tribunal, a High Court division bench has said that rulings of the tribunal are increasingly being written casually without discussing relevant facts. 

While deciding on a petition filed by a man who was denied a job after being charged in a case of rape, CAT had ruled that his job must be restored for rape was not a serious offence.

While upholding the CAT order ruling that the respondent Nitin Kumar Dabas could not be denied a job because there was no evidence of his involvement in the case, the High Court directed the Tribunal to remain cautious while penning its orders. 

It said that after examining the facts of the case and CAT order, it had come to the conclusion that the tribunal had intended to say something else but it was out of sheer laziness that it had ended up trivialising the order.

"This case has compelled us to pen down our anguish because if a judicial fora writes that rape is not a serious offence, it would be a very serious matter and probably may even entail going beyond passing strictures at such a view taken and against the author, it said.

The order pertains to a case whereby, the Central government had appealed before HC against the CAT order. 

Nitin Dabas was charged in a case of rape and family feud. 

However, later the police had found that he did not play any role in the rape case and a court had hence discharged him. 

The family feud case was also dismissed later
. The central government had however raised an objection to the fact that Dabas had hidden the fact that he had been named in two FIRs.


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