Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Independence day thoughts for and with the arrested husband !!

Dear Readers

Of late I have been posting a few bail and anticipatory bail orders on these pages

This lead me to think of the arrested male , the husband who has been booked in one of the dozen or so anti husband sections and sent to the cooler for some time 

Let's look at the sequence 

1. your wife or your brother's wife has filed a completely FALSE criminal case. The ever so willing police have accepted her version totally.... Your mother, father, brother, sister and / or other relatives are accused .... some or many of them have been defamed in public 

2. You have been arrested . That was the worst day of your life. You were so honest you had NOT seen the inside of a police station. Now you saw the inside of a jail. probably you cried... many of us cried WITHIN our hearts 

3. finally the system tried to bargain with you, they lost , you continued your fight and you were released 

4. Now... , now let me tell you, 99% OF YOUR problems are OVER !!

5. NOW THE SYSTEM [ police ...court...cutchery...] CAN NOT do much more with you 

6. tell me what more can they do ? they have arrested you ,,, tried to break you, you just remained firm and then unable to do a shit they released you ... you have still happy and alive .... what MORE can they do ??

7. now just chill .... Whaat ??? yes ...just be cool and go about your daily life . continue your higher studies, your business, your job, your profession, your agriculture or whatever you were doing before you got married 

8. The next question that will pop up is, what should you do .... JUST WAIT ..... ...yup just wait 

9. yes ...just wait ... your wife's balls [will power .... looks... age] will fall or she will start illicit relations or she goes and files some other crazy case which you can easily break

10. in 99% of the dowry cases the husband is proved INNOCENT !! ... yes I am saying this AFTER BLOGGING 500 ... 600 cases and reading more than 1000 cases.... yes 1000 cases and NO jokes 

99+% of the husband are declared INNOCENT when the wife is alive 

10. so just wait .... wait for the lower court, then the sessions court and then the High court to take up your case and hit back

11. when you get a honourable acquittal fire cases back at your wife !!

12. by this time her fame and her family's fame would have spread in society that NO one will ever ..ever suspect you 

game ????


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