Friday, August 9, 2013

Mother who killed toddler in suicide bid GETS ALL SYMPATHY; needs counsling+support! Imagine MAN killed kid!!???

Close your eyes and imagine this scene. A mother jumps into a water tank to commit suicide.... Her kid is standing next to her and she is doing this ghastly act in the full view of the kid !!

The poor toddler , four year old, follows the mum and jumps into the tank !!! 

The poor toddler dies....

The woman survives

Now the family of this woman is saying this mother needs counselling and should NOT be charged with careless killing / manslaughter

Now people claim her husband's drinking habit was the cause !!!

Just for a moment and imagine a man kills his daughter  !!!!!!!!

What would happen to the man ????


Family rallies around mom who attempted suicide

V Narayan & Sumitra Deb Roy, TNN | Aug 10, 2013, 01.38 AM IST

MUMBAI: Bhandup homemaker Vaidehi Gaonkar (30), who lost her child while trying to commit suicide herself on Thursday, had her family rallying around her as she stood in court at Bhoiwada. The court granted her bail on Friday after she spent the night at the local police station.

Medical experts said she must be counseled and helped to overcome grief. They criticized the fact that Gaonkar was booked for causing death due to negligence and attempt to commit suicide. A senior psychiatrist told TOI that the focus should be on reaching out to the mother, who was in fact seeking help. "She was not intending to commit a crime," he said.

Her family believes criminal charges against her should be dropped. "We were surprised with her act. She and her husband Vinayak looked happy," said a relative. "She is educated and knows the consequences of the act. We will stand by her and help her overcome her problem. We won't leave her alone to deal with the tragedy," the relative told TOI.

When Gaonkar jumped into Shivaji Talao in Bhandup (W), her four-year-old daughter followed her. She failed to save Devyani though she fought for four hours, clutching her.

The relative said the family was shocked. Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty felt the family must be counseled. "Depression probably drove her to take the step. No mother will kill her child," he said. He said the family should keep a close watch and ensure her safety.

"Gaonkar is in trauma after losing her daughter. The family is unaware what made her to take the step," said Bhandup police senior inspector Shrirang Nadgauda. The police said Vinayak was unaware his wife was depressed because of his drinking habit.

Dr Sanjay Kumawat, deputy director of state health services, said, "She must be treated first. Legalities can always follow, else it will cause more trauma.


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