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wife forced 2 hav unnatural sex @ pune (husband's house), returns to bhopal & files police case on hubby &family !! poor woman's sex problems. this was the second marriage for the poor woman !!

wife forced 2 hav unnatural sex @ pune (husband's house), returns to bhopal & files police case on hubby &family !! second marriage poor woman !!  poor woman's sex problems. 

Why only 'unnatural sex' with wife for three months?

Vandna shroti, Bhaskar News   |  Jul 18, 2013, 15:55PM

Bhopal: Dr Radhika (name changed) married Rupesh after reading an advertisement on a matrimonial site. This was her second marriage, but she considered herself lucky as this was Rupesh's first marriage. After her first marriage she had decided not to get married again. But her parents convinced her to start a life afresh. So, after initial objections, she agreed.


But, from the first night, she got uncomfortable in the relationship. Her husband would go for only unnatural sex, she has said in her complaint to the police.


Initially, because of shame, she did not resist much. But, soon this became unbearable as he would insist for unnatural sex only.


After three months the mystery surrounding her husband's behaviour unfolded.

This was Rupesh's second marriage. He had told a lie to her. He had a girl from his earlier marriage.

Since, he did not want another child, so he insisted for unnatural sex only.

This news literally ruined her. But, soon she came to terms with the reality and accepted her fate. She asked her husband to change his ways.

Soon she got pregnant, but this turned out to be the beginning of another problem.

Her husband, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law started forcing her to go for an abortion. Despite her objections, they refused to relent.

Finally, they threw her out of the home. She came back to Bhopal from Pune. She filed a complaint with Bhopal Police here.


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