Sunday, September 15, 2013

20000 divorce cases pending @b'lore; Still ppl dying to remarry after first marriage failed !!

roughly 20000 divorce cases pending at b'lore courts; thousands file afresh every year !! 

Still MEN are dying 2 remarry after fist marriage failed!!

  • when you read news articles, it is rather clear that many men haven't learnt from their bitter marital experiences
  • Not many have realsed that the problem is NOT only man / woman / compatibility etc, but it is the LAW that is so terribly supporting the woman while giving little room for men
  • Probably many think it will be DIFFERENT the next time. 

  • Just look at some of the statistics staring at our face 
  • Men commit more suicides than women 
  • Married men commit more suicides than un married 
  • Married men pay 98% of the alimony in India courts ...some say even more %
  • Married Men and their fathers , mothers, sisters and relatives get hit with 98% of the false dowry cases
  • DV cases are sky rocketing in some cities increasing by 100% year on year 
  • A new law that is passed in one of the house of the parliament is going to give away 50% of the man's property to the wife in a NO fault divorce...hold your breath, including property earned BEFORE married AND ancestral property !!!!

  • Still men do NOT want to give up !!
  • Now guys badly want to get re married and an online portal has sprung up for the same !!!
  • What do you say ??

************************NEWS FROM TOI ********************************

Online platform gives Cupid a second chance

Aparajita Ray, TNN | Sep 16, 2013, 06.13 AM IST

BANGALORE: Lakshmi, 27, and Vedantha, 30, tied the knot in 2010; the marriage ended in less than three years. Both are well off — Lakshmi is an investment banker, and Vedantha is in the banking industry too.

"We met through a common family friend, fell in love and got married. Too much interference from my mother-in-law and a growing divide between us made us part our ways. I tried reconciling, thinking of the social stigma associated with divorce , but it didn't work," Lakshmi told TOI.

"I'm happy we walked out of each other's lives before we had kids," she adds. But Lakshmi still nurses a desire to see if she can begin all over again with Vedantha . She has now sought help from a counselling platform —

Shiv and Bala, who ended their marriage a decade ago, also found it tough to reconcile. Shiv, an architectural visualizer, now hopes TwolyMadlyDeeply-. com will bring Bala, a techie, and him together.

TwolyMadlyDeeply describes itself as "exclusive invite-only community of verified and screened singles" looking "to make meaningful relationship choices independently" .

The community believes divorce is not doomsday and splitsville needn't spell the end of a relationship altogether. It says divorcees, if interested, can rebuild relationships with their former partners or others.

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda , founder and CEO of the platform , says, "Our vision is to dramatically change the way people find their life partners in India. That includes divorcees who're willing to give their love a second chance, after laying their inner battles to rest. For such members, it's hard to find clean, above-board avenues such as ours, to find like-minded individuals who might be potential partners."

The entity plans to bring together divorcees who want to give it a second try. An event is planned here on Saturday to bring divorcees and other potential partners face to face, to see if love can still bloom between them.

The efforts of the community come in the backdrop of a surge in divorce cases in Bangalore : About 3,000 divorce applications are filed in the city every year, with 70% from IT and BPO sector employees, revealed a report from the International Organization of Scientific Research Journals. There are 20,000 divorce cases pending in Bangalore courts.


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