Thursday, September 12, 2013

ok death for Nirbhaya rape; what about police who killd lover's brthr &made men drink urine?

UP: Police go cruel on lover's kins, kills his brother in prison 
Police kill lover's brother and forced boy's uncle to drink urine. 

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Police go cruel on lover's kins in UP

Posted by: Preeti Panwar 
Updated: Thursday, September 12, 2013, 17:33 [IST] 

Lucknow, Sept 12: 

In Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh, an inhumane incident took place in Hazratpur area on September 7. 

Shockingly, the perpetrators behind the gruesome incident were not local hooligans but the police itself. 

According to reports, an inter-caste couple fell in love with each other and got secretly married against girl's families' wishes, three months ago. The police, instead of ensuring safety of the couple, went brutal and killed lover's brother and forced boy's uncle to drink urine of girl's uncle. 

The Badaun police reportedly mercilessly beaten up the boy's uncle and forcefully ripped off his mustaches. The police cruelty didn't stop here. They even arrested the brother and brother-in-law of the boy. The couple appealed in a court and produced their marriage certificate so that their families could not oppose their marriage. 

Then, the court ordered the police to provide protection to the couple from their family members. 

It is alleged that The girl's family, who was opposed to couple's relation, gave bribe and liquor to police to find the couple and to pressurise boy's family. 

Then, after getting money, police started troubling boy's family members following which they assaulted his uncle. The police even forcefully made boy's uncle to drink girl's uncle urine. Then, they arrested the boy's brother and beaten him to such an extent, that he died inside the prison. 

After his death, the accused police officials ran away from the police station. 

When the post-mortem of his brother was conducted, it was confirmed that he died due to injuries caused by beating. 

Meanwhile, the top official of the police station has been suspended and a case of murder and has been registered against girl's family members. 

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