Thursday, September 12, 2013

Honourable Judge accused of killing wife gets NEW POST!! Will common men accused get such favours ?? is this equality ?

  • If a common man , a tax payer, a husband is accused of abetting a suicide of his wife ..... NOT murdering, but just ABETTING or being the reason for the death of his wife, he will be hung from the nearest pole
  • His mother will be arrested
  • His sisters would be arrested
  • His bail will be refused
  • He will loose his job, be tarnished by society and et all
  • Now, here is a Honourable judge who's own gun was used to shoot his wife and his in laws are alleging that this man killed her 
  • Still the Honourable judge just got a NEW posting ON HIS OWN accord !!!! ??
  • Is this the equality we all fought for ?
  • Is this the democracy we are all enjoying ??

*****************NEW FROM TRIBUNE INDIA ******************

Controversial Gurgaon CJM transferred
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 12

Facing allegations of having a hand in his wife's murder, Gurgaon Chief Judicial Magistrate Ravneet Garg was today transferred to Jagadhri.

The transfer comes less than two months after his wife Geetanjali was found murdered. Issuing the orders, the Punjab and Haryana HC made it clear that Garg has been transferred on his own request. The transfer has been termed as routine.

Garg is, in fact, one of the 70 judicial officers transferred from one station to another within Haryana.

Garg joins as civil judge (senior division)/CJM as "whole time secretary, district legal services authority, Haryana, on deputation, against the newly created post".

Geetanjali's parents have already approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court Chief Justice for placing under suspension the judicial officer's services. The family is apprehending the judicial officer's hand in Geetanjali's murder. He has already been booked for the murder of his wife and questioned by a special investigation team.

Geetanjali's brother Pardeep Aggarwal submitted a representation in the office of high court Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul this morning. The representation stated that the Gurgaon police was mishandling the case.

The representation further stated that the police did not record Ravneet Garg's statement immediately after she was found dead. The police also did not take the possession of the mobile phone or conduct a search at his residence, giving sufficient time to destroy the evidence.

The representation added Garg was working as a pressure on the police and was causing hindrance in the proper and fair investigation of the case. The position would remain the same, even if investigation was carried out by any other agency.

Aggarwal, in his representation, requested that Garg's services may immediately be placed under suspension, so that the victim's family could get fair justice. Aggarwal also met Justice Hemant Gupta, the Inspecting Judge of Gurgaon sessions division.


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