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have guts 2 file cases agnst policeman? here's complaint agsnt snatching Rs. 500. suspended 5yrs!

how many have guts file cases agnst policeman ? here's 1 complaint agsnt snatching Rs. 500. suspended 5 yrs!

**************** excerpts *******************

"...........The complainant, Sh.Pradeep, examined as PW-4, deposed that he was an electrician and on September 29, 2008 he was proceeding from Narela to Azadpur to purchase goods and when he reached Palla Mode he felt the necessity to answer the call of nature and as he returned after answering the call of nature a police man in uniform who was on a motorcycle started questioning him and took his purse and mobile phone and dropped him a little before PS Alipur and returned his purse and mobile phone to him. Upon checking the purse he found `500/- short and thus he rang up the Police Control Room at number 100. After some time he rang up the police once again. Two policemen came on a motorcycle and took him to PS Alipur where he was questioned and his statement was recorded. He was asked to leave but was called back and made to write another statement which bears his signature and the same was Ex.PW-4/A. ........."

which lead to this "..........."I, Nirmla Devi, Inspr.D.E.Cell Delhi (E.O.) hereby charge you, Ct.Anil Kumar No.912/L that on 29.9.08 two PCR calls were received vide DD No.33 B & 34 at PS Ali Pur Delhi regarding snatching of `500/- by a Police Official which were marked to SI Bharat Bhushan for inquiry, SI Bharat Bhushan contacted the complainant Sh.Pardeep s/o Angad R/o H.No.93, Nayi Bansi, Vill.Lampur, Delhi. SI Bharat Bhushan along with a witness namely Sh.Surinder Kumar R/o Vill.Mahmad Pur Delhi visited the spot where the complainant Sh.Pardeep identified the snatcher as you Constable Anil Kumar No.912/L of mounted Police PS Ali Pur. During your (Ct.Anil Kumar) personal search a Note of `500/- was recovered from your pocket, which was returned to the complainant. Statement of Sh.Pardeep (complainant) was recorded by SI Bharat Bhushan, and complainant stated that you Ct.Anil Kumar No.912/L had snatched `500/- from him, which he got back, but complainant declined to get a criminal case registered against you. The above act on your part (Ct.Anil Kumar No.912/L) (mounted Police P & L) amounts to gross misconduct, misuse of authority, indulging in criminal activity and unbecoming of a Police Official, which renders you liable for punishment u/s 21 of D.P.Act 1978."............"

and the delhi HC says ".............32. Before parting company with the present decision we must record our displeasure at the fact that the police officers associated with the complaint made by PW-4 did not draw a seizure memo and gave `500/- to PW-4 after recovering the same from the petitioner and did not lodge an FIR for the reason a police officer extorting money commits a serious offence. The justification given that since the complainant was not interested to pursue the matter any further is not good enough for them to have violated the requirements of the law. We understand the dilemma of the complainant if he would have pursued the complaint because then `500/- would have become case property and the poor man would have been deprived the use of his hard earned money till the criminal prosecution was over. He had a good justification to say that he does not want to pursue the matter any further, but the police officers were not to act on his course of conduct......."

full case here for those interested


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