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Special benefits to women. ONLY 5% salary cut for false complaint!! Men to loose job, loose face and career when complained against !!!

Special benefits to women. ONLY 5% salary cut for false complaint!! Men to loose job, loose face and career when complained against !!!

Initially young women were sitting at home. So they were protected at home, and promptly the mother in law was arrested on dowry cases. Now young women have come to offices. So they need protection there as well !! 

Evil men are all over the place and the women ...the poor thing need immediate protection

Hence the Government has decided to protect women , allowing them to file sexual harassment cases at office. By this method, women can name and shame and also kill the jobs + career of men who against whom such sexual harassment cases are launched !!

If women are found filing false complaints, a BIG IF on who will have the guts to say women filed false complaints, but IF some one does that, then the women  may loose upto 5% salaries

But any woman loosing 5% salary  go ahead and file further sexual harassment cases against the guy who cut 5% of their salary or the sexual harassment committee members themselves .... so no one would be taking any disciplinary action against women 

The news from Times of India that triggered these thoughts is given below 


Sexual offenders in office stand to lose job

Under New Workplace Harassment Rules, Women Face 5% Cut in Salary For False Complaint

Himanshi Dhawan TNN 

New Delhi: You could risk losing at least 10% of your salary every month for a year, promotions, withdrawal of privileges and perks or even face termination of service if found guilty of sexually harassing a woman at your workplace. 

    These are part of the new rules under the Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Bill that was passed by Parliament recently. 

    The rules empower the complaints committee to restrict the perpetrator's entry from the workplace if the guilty happens to be an outsider. The panel can also impose a fine of Rs 500, or 5% of the woman's salary in case of a false or malicious complaint. 

    These provisions are included in new rules drafted by the ministry of women and child development and sent to the law ministry for its opinion. The provisions are likely to be notified by end-August. 

    A complaints committee, established under the law, will be empowered to recommend and impose a written apology, censure, withhold promotions, pay hikes or increments, entitlements and privileges, impose termination of service in case where they find a case of sexual harassment. The committee can also revoke, suspend any licence or registration in cases like those where a a doctor or a lawyer is involved and found guilty of sexual harassment. 

    The guilty also risks losing a minimum of 10% of his salary every month for a period of a year or in a lump sum. 

    The committee has been given powers to take in to consideration the nature of relationship between the complainant and accused, the position of the respondent in the hierarchy and the incidents of prior complaint before determining the nature of penalty. 

    The sexual harassment law, which has been in effect from April, is applicable to organized and unorganized workplaces including educational institutions, hospitals, residences (applicable to domestic workers) and provides a mechanism for the implementation of the Vishaka guidelines of 1997. 

    Sexual harassment has been described broadly in the Act as any attempt to promise or give preferential treatment, threaten or attempt to give detrimental treatment to an employee, create a work environment that is hostile, offensive or intimidating or humiliate an employee so that it affects her health or safety.


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