Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the loot called lifetime alimony in India

IF you say men and women are equal, lifetime alimony or 50% property for a 5 day marriage is a complete loot. Also there seems to be NO maximum cap. So theoretically a woman can marry into an Ambani or Tata Household and want 50% all property in 5 days . 

How has it come about ??. How can a civilized society be so blind to day light robbery ?? Agreed, the dalals and greedy are the main driving force .... but I think this has a history 


1. Initially in India, the law considered WOMAN to be subservient to the male

2. 40 .. 50 years ago, equality was NOT the norm 

3. 40 .. 50 years ago (when maintenance laws were made) re marriage was a difficult option for divorced women, so lifetime alimony was made a norm, 

4. BUT upper limits were fixed for alimony (in rupees) and limits slowly revised according to inflation etc 

5. so the then law (30 ..+ years ) ago was = " Male is the dominant  guy, woman was NOT an equal, so Mr. Male touch you pay for life system...", but with an upper limit 

6. however clumsy (and not equal) this could be, the upper limit was the check untill approx 10 .. 12 years ago 

7. then we (India) got LIBERAL !! ...we REMOVED the upper limit and kept everything else as is !!!!!!

8, I (an many) have been writing / blogging about this for years ...but the p1mp$ and dalals are well aware of this so no need to blog !!

9, west has moved away from lifetime alimony (in many places) to another form of usury ..use the kid the next 18 years to milk the man 

10. even in USA  some states like Florida seem to have lifetime alimony at the time of this blog (however I am NOT sure please correct / add comments) 

11. As always, comments and questions welcome 


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