Friday, September 6, 2013

while police/media DEFAME Asaram bapu, I'm wondering IF they ever defamed any FEMALE sadwini? NO ?

Almost everyday there are claims and counter claims .... there are claims that there is CD ....but his personal caretaker Shiva says there is NO CD and the whole thing is fabricated

Ok, there are obviously two sides to this story.... and I do NOT know who is right and who is wrong ....but I am only wondering IF the police had the guts to attack ANY FEMALE sadhwini, hound her and arrest her and DEFAME her the way they are defaming Asaram Bapu ??


Police 'find electronic evidence' against Asaram

Sweta Dutta : Jodhpur, Sat Sep 07 2013, 02:26 hrs
Asaram Bapu

Significant "electronic evidence" against tainted spiritual guru Asaram Bapu has been retrieved from his attendant Shiva and sent for forensic examination, Jodhpur Police said


"We have sent the electronic evidence for scientific verification. The results are awaited," said DCP (west) Ajay Pal Lamba. He refused to give details of the nature of the evidence.

Sources close to the investigation, however, claimed it is an incriminating two-minute video clip made by Shiva on his cellphone. The clip is not related to the alleged sexual assault of the minor in Manai ashram on August 15 for which Asaram has been arrested.

Police suspect Shiva made the clip as evidence to hold on to his job as Asaram apparently changed attendants every few years. Although the clip does not support the alleged August 15 case, investigators believe it will help them indirectly, the sources said.

They also said that the other two suspects in the case, Chhindwara gurukul hostel warden Shilpi alias Sanchita Gupta and hostel manager Sharad, are likely to be arrested soon.


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